Social Distancing Products for Schools

Essential Covid-19 Response Strategy

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Social Distancing Products for Schools

We are not pretending to know what the return to school will look like, but we have had discussions with School Business Managers and Headteachers who have suggested the following:

  • Increased hygiene – staff, visitors and students will need ready access to hand sanitiser.
  • Isolation pods for students with symptoms – any Covid -19 like symptoms are going to cause alarm for a long time into the future, a sterile isolation area for students while they await collection will be essential.
  • Reception staff protection – while teaching from behind screen seems unlikely, the staff most likely to come into contact with parents, visitors, delivery drivers etc. need protection, schools that do not have screened reception desks will need to make provision to ensure their staff are safe.
  • Temporary segregation of pedestrian traffic flows – to minimise unnecessary cross-contamination or segregate year groups etc.
  • Temporary classrooms – formed in halls and other areas to facilitate extra space required.
  • Temporary exam areas – with social distancing measures.

We are able to manufacture and install a range of solutions to assist and have illustrated some here. Please get in touch if you believe we can be of any help in this area.

See Some of Our Popular Covid-19 Response Products

Reception Protective Screens

School Reception Shield









Temporary Exam Rooms

Temporary Exam Rooms









Classroom Desk Protective Screens

Desk Screens









Temporary Dividers for Corridors

Corridor Separator









Modular Rooms for Isolation

Modular Classrooms









Traffic Flow Control Solutions

Traffic Flow Boarding









We also offer external cleaning services, which includes deep cleaning of playgrounds and external furniture. We use the latest technology and chemicals to remove all build-up of dirt to bring your play area back to life.

Please get in touch if you would like a quote for any of our Covid-19 response products.