The canopy is allowing us to use the outside space despite the extremes of the Birmingham weather! It has greatly enhanced our foundation stage outdoor area. We don’t know how we ever managed without it.

Headteacher - Osborne Primary School

That’s because an outdoor canopy can be like having an extra room, bringing additional space and an all-weather environment. Our Motiva Mono certainly did that for Osborne Primary School. Fitted at 5000mm x 4000mm in blue (RAL5002) steelwork with an opal roofing, this canopy gives protection from the rain as well as keeping out harmful UV rays from direct sunlight.

Children now have more chance to learn and play in the fresh air. The playground area looks smart and the classroom is sheltered from the direct sunlight in the summer. All this without the need for a traditional classroom extension or associated planning matters. The children and teachers are very happy with the new canopy which is really what matters.

We don’t know how anybody manages without one!

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