University of Liverpool in Merseyside Installs Three Entrance Canopies

The three entrance shelters have been a real hit at the University of Liverpool. They have lifted the exterior of the Chadwick Lecture Theatre and are incredibly useful for students and staff alike when waiting to enter the building, in all seasons.

Project Specification

  • Product: Motiva Entrada™
  • Sizes: 4700mm X 1200mm | 2800mm X 1200mm
  • Steelwork:
    • Sapphire Blue - RAL NO. 5003

  • Roof:
    • Lagoon Blue

What was the project brief?

University of Liverpool Entrance CanopyThe University of Liverpool wanted to find three reliable shelters to add to the entrances at its Chadwick Lecture Theatre. They wanted them to attractively signpost the ways in by promoting the institution’s dark blue colour scheme, come in different specifications that would perfectly suit the building, and effectively protect students and staff from bad weather when waiting to go inside for lectures and meetings. A&S Landscape was pleased to be contacted by the university and spent time figuring out the best way to meet its needs.

What was our entrance shelter solution?

Following talks about what the client wanted to get out of their canopies, A&S Landscape installed three Motiva Entrada™ models at the University of Liverpool. This product was ideal as it has an eye-catching angled roofline which provides maximum coverage in the rain at building entrances and makes the way in crystal clear. With varying specifications – one measured 4700mm X 1200mm and the other two measured 2800mm X 1200mm – and sporting Sapphire Blue steelwork and Lagoon Blue roofs, the shelters were carefully designed to suit the university’s requirements while proudly matching their colours. Plus, the high-quality canopy structure meant that anyone waiting to go into lectures wouldn’t have to worry about wind or rain.

What was the result of the canopies?

The three entrance shelters have been a real hit at the University of Liverpool. They have lifted the exterior of the Chadwick Lecture Theatre and are incredibly useful for students and staff alike when waiting to enter the building, in all seasons. The faculty particularly love the durability and modern look of the straight roofs on the canopies, as well as how they proudly show off the institution’s colours and have matching designs that create a unified feel in the outside spaces. A&S Landscape thought that this project went well and wishes the client all the best for the future.


“Good standard of work, job left clean and tidy every day.”

University of Liverpool

About the client

The University of Liverpool was founded in 1881 and has strived ever since for the advancement of learning and ennoblement of life. With over 22,000 students on campus – which includes more than 7,700 international students – over 400 undergraduate and postgraduate courses and a huge alumni network, it is recognised for its top-quality teaching and globally-reaching research. A&S Landscape thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the team on their project and hopes that the shelters will benefit everyone at the university for many years to come.

This client is based in Liverpool, a city bursting with culture. There are museums and galleries galore like the Maritime Museum and the Tate Liverpool, historic music venues like the Cavern Club, international cuisine, football stadium tours and outdoor spaces including Sefton Park to enjoy. Whatever your interests, Liverpool has something that people of any age will love to experience.

How can shelters’ colour schemes benefit our customers?

Design is an important element of any canopy and the colours you choose can hugely affect the impact it has on your business or organisation. Colours can display and extend your branding to your clients, as well as create a cohesive experience from when they arrive outside your building to when you personally interact inside. They can reflect a particular feel that you want to create – for example, a Candy Red waterproof sail shade might encourage cheer when children are playing outdoors at school, and a Squirrel Grey and Mint entrance shelter might portray a classic professionalism that helps you to gain clients’ trust. Colour psychology is essential to consider too, as blue is known to be calming while black is associated with sophistication, and other colours influence people in a variety of ways.

If you’d like to find out how A&S Landscape can help you to choose the right colour canopy for your organisation, give us a call now on 01743 444100. We look forward to speaking with you.

What accreditations does A&S Landscape hold?

We hold many accreditations specific to our industry which makes us stand out from our competition and gives you confidence that we are a reliable company brimming with expertise. We have been trading for over four decades, in which we have honed our focus, expanded our horizons as canopy and shelter specialists, and built up these accreditations. They include CHAS – which demonstrates our conformance with health and safety law – Incensu – which shows our commitment to value for money and quality – and Perfect Delivery – which reflects our prioritisation of the customer experience. Want to discuss our company and values in more detail? Call us on 01743 444100 or email us at [email protected] today.

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