Unfortunately this was always at the mercy of the British weather, until they decided to install a Covered MUGA! A covered sports area now allows children in West Midlands special school all year round outdoor play.

The new space has been affectionately called “The PlayZone”. The PlayZone is used by all the children in lots of different ways. The youngest children in key stage 1 use the area to ride trikes and bikes. They play quick cricket, 5 a side football, have relay races and have they have even been known to hold sponsored walks. The PlayZone hosted a Winter Wonderland event prior to Christmas 2017.

With so many options it is being well used by the pupils and the wider community. During the summer, The Orchard Trust, a charity supporting children with learning difficulties, uses the area for summer school. The Brier School are very proud of their covered MUGA PlayZone.

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