Outdoor Shelter at Sunshine Pre School

Having an outdoor shelter can be like adding a whole new room. That’s definitely what it felt like when adding this weatherproof canopy in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Project Specification

  • Product: Motiva Linear™
  • Size: 6000mm x 3000mm
  • Steelwork:
    • Red

    • Yellow

    • Green

    • Blue - RAL 5003

  • Roof:op
    • Opal

Sunshine Pre-School wanted a space that reflected their name. Happy, colourful and bright. But they wanted that space outside, which meant they needed a creative solution for an outdoor shelter.

The benefits and importance on outdoor play on children

Health is detrimentally affected by not getting ample exercise, resulting in increasing numbers of obesity in children and adolescents. Children are not playing outside as much as they have done before, curbing their exposure to sunlight and thus the creation of Vitamin D which helps to combat infection and keeps skin healthy. Sunlight also helps to manage the creation of melatonin which regulates sleep. Phones and tablets emit damaging blue light, which can cause headaches and eye strain. Blue light in the evenings can even restrain the creation of melatonin, which in turn can make falling asleep very hard for some children.

So what is the answer to this slippery slope that we find ourselves on… More time outside!

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They chose a Motiva Linear, 6000mm x 3000mm in a range of colours, with red, yellow, green and blue steelwork. This outdoor shelter keeps up the personality of the environment despite retaining all the qualities you would expect from a robust classroom extension.

Children now have the chance to play and learn outside all year round. The area extends the classroom without the need for a traditional extension or associated planning permissions. IT was constructed quickly and will be strong for many years to come as it is made from galvanised steel and polycarbonate roofing. A lovely choice and a great addition to the setting.

“We are very happy with our canopy from A&S Landscape. It’s like having an extra room, which means we’re able to have a quiet room and a noisy room. It also looks good.”

Parent – Sunshine Pre-school

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