Really pleased, everyone loves it. It was a great idea!

- The Coopers Company and Coburn School

A large underused space was identified and the different styles of canopies were considered. A curved roof canopy from our Motiva Duo range was measured. It was decided that the best size was going to be 16000mm x 8000mm and the colour selected for the steelwork and roof was White (RAL 9010), with an Opal roof. The area has completely changed the outside space, the school have added lots of seating it looks great. The students can now use the area flexibly for dining, studying or socialising.

The addition of an outdoor dining canopy is helping many schools to add space without the need for a conventional extension or new build area. An outdoor canopy can create a year round space for pupils and take the pressure off communal areas such as dining halls when schools grow. The smart new dining canopy has polycarbonate roof which offers both shade and shelter. Fabric canopies offer another option. These come in shade cloth, which will protect from UV rays, and PVC, which will offer shelter from the rain as well as shade.

If something similar sounds interesting to you, please visit our online gallery. It is a great place to look for some inspiration. It contains more than 1500 images of projects to give you some ideas. You can call us directly on 01743 444100 to talk through some options as well, we would be glad to help you.