Outdoor Shelter at Blackpool Aspire Academy

Outdoor playground canopies are a wonderful solution to the problem of unpredictable weather, giving a strong, robust and long lasting shelter that protects from the weather and offers that little extra protection when you need it most.

Project – Motiva Linear used to provide protection from the weather at Blackpool Aspire College in Lancashire

Product – Motiva Linear

Requirement – Time spent outdoors is very important for everybody, not just students. But, even though we all know this, it can be hard to enjoy a little fresh air when the heavens are about to open.

The result is a lot of time spent indoors, looking out at the gathering grey clouds.

However when the rain falls there is another alternative. No, not a rain dance. We’ve tried them here at A&S Landscape and we can assure you that whilst they’re fun to observe, they don’t actually keep you dry.