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Outdoor Dining Area at Fairfield High School in Bristol

Posted on 08/05/2020

Fairfield High School
Fairfield High School wanted to create more space for the students during lunchtimes. A&S Landscape worked closely with the school to create a canopy design which worked for their needs.

Project – Fairfield High School add curved roof canopy in Bristol

Product – Motiva Mono

Requirement – Due to rising intake figures, Fairfield High School in Avon, Bristol needed to extend the dining hall and increase the seating capacity. The long queues meant the students had to wait longer to find a seat and eat their food. The staff decided to add a shelter to the school, where the students could sit outside during lunchtimes.

Solution – A curved roof canopy was added to the campus, measuring 14m X 5m. The Motiva Mono was finished with Ultramarine Blue steelwork, which matches the school’s logo. Opal polycarbonate was used on the roof. There is plenty of space under the shelter for several benches, all protected from the weather.

Result – Fairfield High School is overjoyed with the dining area canopy. The students now have a choice of where to sit during breaks, relieving pressure from the original dining hall. In fact, the team are so pleased they awarded us five stars for our work.

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