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New Covered Area at The Cheadle College in Manchester

Posted on 18/09/2019

The Cheadle College Shelter
The Cheadle College decided to create an outside area that the students could use all-year-round. A&S Landscape was brought on board to design, manufacture and install canopies which would meet the college’s needs.

Project – The Cheadle College add two straight roof canopies in Manchester

Product – Motiva Linear

Requirement – The Cheadle College in Cheadle, Manchester saw the importance of providing a sheltered outdoor space for their students. A&S Landscape worked with the college to create the perfect canopy solution to meet their needs.

Solution – Two straight roof canopies, from the Motiva range, were installed at the college campus. Both canopies measured 7000mm X 3000mm, providing enough space for plenty of students to shelter underneath. The Cheadle College choose modern grey coloured steelwork, which works perfectly with the surrounding buildings. The Opal polycarbonate roofing blocks harmful UV rays while allowing some sunlight through.

Result – The new Motiva Linear canopies have been a huge success with everyone at the college. During break and lunchtimes, the students can enjoy some fresh air while they socialise and relax. This will help them refresh ahead of their next lessons, leaving them ready to learn. The canopies can also be used when the students are waiting to enter their classroom. No matter the weather, they will no longer be exposed to the conditions.

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