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As canopy and shelter specialists, A&S Landscape has worked across the UK delivering our elegant cover solutions. From outdoor shelters for schools to stylish shade sails for restaurants, our wide range of products suits every sector and requirement. With over 40 years of experience, it’s clear to see how our team of experts have been able to successfully complete hundreds of canopy construction projects.

We often work with schools and businesses in coastal locations as the harsh weather conditions can often cause outside events to be cancelled or postponed. We have range of canopy options designed to withstand strong winds, rain and snow, such as our Motiva polycarbonate canopies. Without a canopy solution, many schools in Cornwall do get the opportunity to offer outdoor learning on a regular basis, limiting the pupils’ development. We also install many commercial canopies in the south of England, allowing businesses to utilise more of their external spaces.

Our shelter range is cleverly designed to suit a variety of applications, including:

  • External dining areas
  • Outdoor learning spaces
  • Covered walkways
  • Secure bicycle shelters
  • Sheltered multi use games areas
  • Playground canopy shelters

Below we’ve gathered just a small selection of our canopy installations completed in Cornwall, including an outdoor cover at Falmouth School to protect the children from harsh weather conditions. If you have any shelter design ideas in mind which may work for your site, get in touch with us for a price or some expert advice by using our contact form or calling 01743 444100.

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Dining and Events Canopy Added to Mounts Bay Academy in Heamoor

Mounts Bay Academy in Heamoor, Cornwall wanted a dining shelter that was also able to function as a covered area for concerts and events. The team at this school – which has the values of excellence, equity and evolution – needed their model to come without central posts, so the screens they were planning to install at the exterior of the building could be easily viewed. We were delighted that they got in touch with us.

Following some discussion, Mounts Bay Academy asked us to manufacture a Motiva Duo™ as their new canopy. It’s not only ideal for dining areas, but it has a duopitch roof that shelters those beneath it from all sorts of weather. We were able to beat many of our competitors’ offerings by providing a design without central posts, so watching the screens would be issue-free. The Galvanised steelwork and Opal roof also made for a modern covered area where it would now be a simple affair to hold events outside.

Everyone at Mounts Bay Academy loves the dining shelter and being able to eat beneath it during breaks and enjoy concerts throughout the year outdoors. The school now has a fantastic new facility outside which has many purposes and can improve its offering to its students for many years. Want to know more details about our products or our work as canopy and shelter specialists? Email us at [email protected] today.

Dining Shelter Built On-Site at Poltair School in St Austell

Red dining shelter we fitted at Poltair SchoolPoltair School in St Austell, Cornwall wanted to have a dining canopy installed in order to increase their lunchtime capacity. Their perfect model needed to be robust in the face of Cornish weather and be a functional facility all year round, from winter to summer months. A&S Landscape was thrilled to be contacted by this institution to take on this project and endeavoured to provide them with the ideal product.

The team at Poltair School had many options to choose from our huge range of products, but eventually settled on the Motiva Duo™. An Opal polycarbonate roof, Brown Red steelwork and Slate Grey guttering came together to create an attractive design, while the curved roof of the Motiva Duo™ canopy could withstand the unpredictable weather and allow the shelter to be used throughout the year with the help of handy side panels. What’s more, the 10000mm X 10000mm measurements offered the opportunity for many students to eat and socialise outdoors, as well as opening up space in the other facilities.

The children and staff love the new dining canopy. Lunchtime capacity is no longer an issue at this institution – which encourages learners to make positive contributions to the community – and they now have a versatile facility that could also be used in other ways, including providing some fantastic outdoor classroom ideas for outdoor learning! A&S Landscape was pleased to hear that their outdoor canopy would benefit this dedicated school for years to come. Get a quote for your project and use our online enquiry form or call 01743 444100.

Some of Cornwall Based Clients

Falmouth School Add Curved Roof Dining Shelter to their Grounds in Falmouth, Cornwall

Dining Area Canopy we designed for Falmouth SchoolFalmouth School in Falmouth, Cornwall faced the issue of typical Cornish weather and students not getting to spend enough time outside because of it. Situated in a town of natural beauty with fabulous coastal views, staff of the school were eager to increase opportunities to experience them. They decided to investigate adding a dining canopy to their outdoor areas in order to allow everyone to enjoy the fresh air, even in less desirable weather.

The Motiva Duo™ was chosen as the perfect solution, because of its modern, curved design and the fact that it would provide shelter for students all year round. The model was built to specifications of 10m X 6m, with grey steelwork to compliment the school buildings and Opal polycarbonate for the curved roof that they so liked. The latter would let in lots of light to benefit the students’ wellbeing while also offering UV protection in the summertime, as well as shielding them from the ever-present rain!

This design looks wonderful in the lush school grounds, and students are excited to enjoy breaks outdoors, no matter the season. Benches were installed beneath the dining canopy, which had the brilliant effect of increasing the number of children watching their friends compete in matches on the opposite sports field. To discover more about canopy and shelter specialists A&S Landscape’s wide range of dining shelters, simply contact our helpful team at a time that suits you. You can email us at [email protected] or use our online contact form.

The Roseland Academy in Cornwall Purchases a Pair of Fun Dining Canopies

The Roseland Academy in Tregony, Cornwall needed some dining shelters to create covered space outdoors so students could eat there in all seasons. They had to be hard-wearing and able to withstand the unpredictable Cornish weather, in two different sizes to suit their intended placements in the grounds. The staff wanted to find designs in the school colours to bring the positive, unified feeling inside the buildings outside too. A nearby institution recommended us to the Roseland Academy, and they decided to work with us as they also liked our product aesthetics more than others.

We were excited to get started and help this customer achieve their shelter goals. They picked out a robust 8000mm X 4000mm Motiva Linear™ for one of their dining canopies, which was an excellent decision because of its suitability for eating areas and being located against building elevations. For the other model, they chose a more expansive Motiva Duo™ measuring 16000mm X 8000mm, which could shield many children simultaneously when dining in the fresh air – even in wind or rain. Plus, the addition of identical Ultramarine Blue steelwork and Opal roofs brought the school branding to life on its exterior.

Everyone at the Roseland Academy thinks highly of the dining shelters. Having new areas in which to eat outdoors makes better use of the site’s space and gives the children more choice of where to spend break times. Call us on 01743 444100 to start your journey to finding the ideal canopy structure.

Doubletrees School in St Blazey Finds Fun Playground Canopy

Doubletrees School in St Blazey wanted to build a colourful covered area for its special needs students, and it thought that installing a playground canopy would be a fantastic way of making this idea a reality. The staff were searching for something that could bring the outside space to life for the children and provide somewhere for them to play in all weathers. They needed the shelter to prioritise safety and got in touch with us to design and manufacture the right model.

After careful consideration, representatives of Doubletrees School chose our Maxima Umbrella™. This solid, durable design is more than up to the challenge of withstanding unpredictable weather, but it also has an eye-catching, charming look. We built it to measure 4000mm X 4000mm, with a Porcelain Green roof and Moss Green steelwork, and added a post protector pad to make sure that the new area was as safe as possible for the students. This combination resulted in a bright, friendly playground shelter that was perfect for the school’s needs.

Doubletrees School thoroughly enjoyed receiving its canopy. The team there even said, “There was nothing A&S Landscape could have done to improve, they have been really good from start to finish.” The new covered area has opened up opportunities for the children to get out in the fresh air and have fun, no matter the weather. Call us on 01743 444100 today to hear more about our tensile canopy systems.

Outdoor dining canopy we designed for Poltair School