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Dining Area Canopy in Stoke on Trent

Posted on 08/08/2016

Biddulph High School
We’re really proud of this outdoor canopy in Stoke. The space is now very much in use as an outdoor dining area.

Project – Biddulph High School

Product – Maxima Tepee

Requirement – You see how powerful design can be when it transforms awkward and unused spaces into something else entirely.

Whilst we specialise in canopies for schools and playground shelters for schools we prefer to think of ourselves as the people who create new spaces out of nowhere. Kind of like Magicians. Or maybe we should say we reveal new spaces because as soon as you give an area a new purpose, it becomes visible once more.

When Biddulph High School in Stoke-on-Trent contacted A&S they were looking to add an outdoor dining area. And why not? Outdoor dining is really important, studies showing conclusively that not only does time spent outside have a positive impact on engagement and mood but having additional options for outdoor activity, like dining, increases social engagement between students. Happy students perform better.

Solution – Transformational is the only way to describe the effect this Maxima Tepee has had on Biddulph High School. A modular structure comprising two modules on a common centre beam was constructed to cover the awkward space outside the existing dining area, taking space that was otherwise waster and creating a brand new area for students to eat and socialise.

Result – We’re really proud of this outdoor canopy in Stoke. The space is now very much in use as an outdoor dining area . And remember, for students to perform at their best they need these opportunities to connect with each other outside of the classroom. The more, the better. And because of the powerful impact this outdoor canopy has had, both the building contractor and school declare themselves ‘very happy’.

Find Out More – Do you have an awkward space that could become a wonderful new area within your school or college? We specialise in outdoor covered areas for schools and often install canopies for school playgrounds, working to create space in unused areas where possible. Please see our product gallery for more images of similar projects for schools.