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Covered Play Area in Northamptonshire

Posted on 02/02/2017

Thrapston Primary School
When A&S Landscape were contacted, it was to put the finishing touch on this outdoor area with one of our Motiva Mono canopies.

Project – Motiva Mono covers play area at Thrapston Primary School

Product – Motiva Mono

Requirement – Sometimes it takes just a small addition to completely transform a space

Imagine this; a perfectly useable play area, surrounded on all sides by walls. It’s totally safe and contained.

However, outdoor spaces don’t usually come with their own ceiling so despite this imaginary space being the perfect play area it has one crucial piece missing. A cover.

Thrapston School in Northamptonshire is a real place, not imaginary, but it has the same issue. Or at least it did because this space now has a cover that means this perfect play area is accessible all year round no matter what the weather is doing. When A&S Landscape was contacted, it was to put the finishing touch on this outdoor area with one of our Motiva Mono canopies.

Solution – Installing a Motiva Mono canopy at 28250mm x 4900mm has given this space the best of both worlds; the natural light and fresh air of playing outdoors with the weather protection of an indoor space.

Finished in Moss Green steelwork (RAL 6005), with matching Alu-Tuff™ guttering and downpipes, we also included 16 post pads in contrasting red, blue, yellow and green to protect little heads and tiny toes from collisions in the midst of play.

Result – The result is an attractive and useable space that has a sense of fun whilst also doing an important job very well. This shelter will last Thrapston Primary for many years and means that pupils can reap all the benefits of regular outdoor play the whole year-round.

Find Out More – It only takes a simple addition to transform a previously unusable outdoor space into one which is accessible no matter what the weather decides to do. This means you can plan outdoor teaching sessions and know, with confidence, that can take place. To get some additional inspiration take a look at our Motiva Mono gallery here.