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Covered Dining Area at Saddleworth School in Oldham

Posted on 02/10/2019

Saddleworth School Straight Roof Canopy
Saddleworth School wanted to relieve the strain the dining hall was under and reduce the massive queues during lunchtimes. A&S Landscape worked closely with the school to find a cost-effective solution.

Project – Saddleworth School add straight roof and fabric umbrella canopies in Oldham

Products – Motiva Linear and Maxima Umbrella

Requirement – Saddleworth School in Uppermill, Oldham, had a real issue with the length of the queues in the dining hall at lunchtimes. The hall was under a lot of pressure, so the school decided to add food kiosks on the school grounds. To create more seating options, A&S Landscape were brought on board to design, install and manufacture two canopies.