Colourful Playground Shelter in Essex

We installed a bright and colourful Motiva Linear at Ravens Academy, bringing their play area back into use all year round.

Project – Motiva Linear creates outdoor playground shelter at Ravens Academy

Product – Motiva Linear

Requirement – For any kind of activity there is a secret to growth.


Now that doesn’t necessarily mean actual rest. It simply means a break, a chance to go in another direction. For children who are learning at Ravens Academy in Essex, working hard in lessons, the rest and growth come from expansive play and using their minds in a very different way!

Being able to spend time outside, stretching out, running and being physically active is the most essential part of learning as it is during these periods that the lesson learnt can ‘bed in’ whilst children are concentrating on something else.

However, there is a simple enemy to this kind of play, the weather!