Yellow playground tepee at St John’s School in London

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Yellow tepee school canopy

Yellow playground shelter at London school

Maxima Tepee

St John’s is a Merchant Taylors’ Educational Trust School for boys aged 3 to 13 years. This delightful London school, which encourages and nurtures all its students, was looking to add some shelter to their outdoor space.

There are many designs of school canopies. Steel and polycarbonate with multicoloured roofing, right through to fabric roofed canopies such as Umbrellas and Tepees. St John’s School chose the Tepee design at an overall size of 6000mm x 5400mm. In addition they added four post protector pads which are 1200mm high.

The resulting Tepee with Yellow fabric roofing (RAL 1021) and Blue steel (RAL 5015) makes a bold design statement on the campus. Children have additional protection with the addition of post pads to all uprights. Where there was no shelter there is now a new area which, because of the waterproof fabric, offers both shade from the sun’s UV rays and shelter from the rain. Somewhere new for the boys to enjoy some fresh air, regardless of what the weather has in store.

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Should you be considering a canopy, please take a look at our gallery which contains more than 1500 images of projects that we have completed. It is a good place to get some inspiration. You can always call us directly if you would like to chat through the options, we would be glad to help.

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