Umbrella shade added to Woodlands Primary School in Shropshire

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Green Umbrella Shade

Bright Umbrella shade brightens school playground in Shropshire

Maxima Umbrella

Woodlands Primary School pride themselves on the learning environment that they provide for their children. The outdoor space being as key as the indoor space. After all, everyone knows that children who have run off steam and enjoyed some fresh air will show improved focus and concentration in lessons. As part of their outdoor area the school wanted to add some shade and shelter.

A&S Landscape have more than 40 years’ experience of working with schools to enhance their outdoor spaces and we knew that we would have the right product for Woodlands Primary School. The design that they chose was the Maxima Umbrella. They installed an Umbrella at 5000mm x 5000mm in Aniseed fabric with Slate Grey (RAL 7015) steelwork. It looks fantastic and really brightens up the area as well as creating the shade and shelter that they wanted for the children.

Woodlands Primary School now have exactly what they wanted. The children can be sheltered from the sun’s rays when it is hot, as well as from the rain when it is wet. The Umbrella shade looks smart, adds a striking design feature and the children and staff are rightly very pleased with it.

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