School entrance canopy at Ripley Academy in Derbyshire

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school entrance canopy grey

A smart new entrance canopy adds to building works at Derbyshire High School

Motiva Entro

Ripley Academy are having a large amount of building work completed on their campus in Ripley, Derbyshire. From new school buildings to new sports facilities. It is a wonderful project and will enhance the learning opportunities for their children once it is completed. The buildings had requirement for an entrance canopy and that is where A&S Landscape were pleased to help.

The entrance canopy that was chosen was from our Motiva Entro range. This curved roof canopy is steel and polycarbonate. Gutters and downpipes were included in a matching finish to the steelwork to make sure that it added a clean, modern aesthetic. The entrance canopy benefitted from glazed side panels as well to really protect from the weather. The canopy measured 2800mm x 1200 and the steel was Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016) whilst the polycarbonate roofing was Opal.

The entrance is now clearly distinguishable, protected from the weather and complements the new building beautifully. Rainwater is effectively managed by gutters and downpipes and it looks great too. Ripley Academy are very fortunate to have such a tremendous school and we hope that they enjoy learning and socialising in their new campus areas for many years to come.

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