Outdoor dining canopy at Congleton High School    

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Students enjoy outdoor dining canopy at Cheshire High School

Motiva Duo

Congleton High School have a motto of ‘Achieving Success Together’ and their aims are very straightforward; to be a well-led, inclusive school where the highest standards of teaching and learning enable everyone to fulfil their potential. With this in mind, what better way to increase the social dining provision than with a new outdoor dining canopy. The school needed additional seating and another option for students to sit together and enjoy meal and break times.

An outdoor dining canopy allows schools to extend the dining provision often without the need for planning permission or the work of a traditional building extension. The costs compare favourably as well. The canopy chosen by Congleton High School was from the Motiva range at A&S Landscape. The Motiva Duo structure was made of steel and polycarbonate with aluminium gutters and downpipes. The steel was Mid Blue (RAL 5010) and the polycarbonate roof was Opal.

The dining canopy has created a large sheltered space of 11m x 6m and has completely transformed the outside area. The new space will have seating installed and then students will be able to socialise and dine together whatever the weather has in store. No more crowded dining rooms or lack of seating. More and more schools are adding these outdoor dining areas and they can incorporate heating, lighting, side panels and even logos on the panels, there are plenty of options available.

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