Falmouth School in Cornwall create school canopy for students

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Grey school canopy

Outdoor canopy at Falmouth School delights pupils

Motiva Duo

Falmouth School receive more rain than most due to their location and they had a real need to add some shelter for the students. The children want to be outside during break times, but rain often stops play. The requirement was an all year round shade and shelter solution which would create some seating that could be used no matter what the weather or the time of year.

The Motiva range from A&S Landscape is a range of steel and polycarbonate canopies which are year round products. There are many different designs, straight or curved roof, mono or duo pitch, clear or coloured polycarbonate to outline just a few. Falmouth School chose a Motiva Duo canopy which measured 10m x 6m. The grey steelwork matched the school building and the opal polycarbonate let in plenty of light whilst also offering UV protection in the summer months.

Bench seating was added which has encouraged students to watch friends and fellow students as they play on the nearby sports pitch. Students now have a new space where they are sheltered from wet weather and shaded from warm weather. The canopy is well used and adds another way to encourage students to enjoy the outdoors during the school day. The clear health benefits of time outdoors are well documented and Falmouth School are happy to be adding options for more outside time to their campus.

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