Coloured roof school canopy at Birmingham school

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coloured roof canopy

Al Furqan Primary School in Birmingham create colourful school canopy

Motiva Linear


Al Furqan Primary School in Birmingham wanted some more space, a space that was flexible, a space that was colourful, a space that was all weather and a space with a beautiful roof. They weren’t sure it would be possible to merge all these things, but they did it and they have created a school canopy that delivers all of these things for their children …

The school canopy that they designed came from the Motiva range. The Motiva Linear canopy is made from steel and polycarbonate and this one measures 14m x 3m. The canopy runs alongside one of the classrooms to create an extension. In bright Red (RAL 3020) steelwork with a rainbow coloured polycarbonate roof, it creates a bright, fun space which has delighted the children and teachers alike. Glazed panels have been added to the sides of the canopy to make it secure and to add protection from the elements. The really clever part is the electrically operated roller shutter doors which have been installed to the front elevation.

All these lovely design features, including decked flooring, have made a wonderful new space for the children. They can learn, eat, socialise and enjoy this new canopy in all weathers, safe from sun, wind and rain. The space can be used to store items given it has glazed panels and doors and as we all know, you can never have enough storage space. Al Furqan’s children are very pleased with their new school canopy and we think it looks great too.

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