Bright shade sail canopy completes playbarn in Oxfordshire

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yellow shade sail canopy

Yellow playground shade sails at Sprouts Playbarn in Abingdon

Maxima ShadeSail

With so many children to entertain, Sprouts Playbarn were keen to enhance their outdoor area, to make it just as wonderful as the indoor space. Set within Millets Farm Centre in Abingdon, Sprouts Playbarn caters for younger children, providing a safe place for them to play. The outdoor area has bright play equipment, tunnels and ‘grass’ flooring, but it was lacking shade. The last thing you want to think about is UV protection when the children are loving being outdoors.

Having considered the canopy options that were available, Sprouts Playbarn decided upon two shade sails from the Maxima range of fabric canopies. The sails covered 12m x 6m. The structure was made up of two shade sails on six uprights. The bright yellow shade cloth looks amazing against the colourful play area and for added safety they included post pads, also in yellow just to complete the sunny picture.

Wow! What a wonderful space they have created. The children can play in an engaging, large, open space which has plenty of shade to protect their young, delicate skin. Another magical place for the children to enjoy on their visit to Sprouts Playbarn, no wonder there are so many visitors. With this fabulous covered outdoor space it is hard to know where the children will choose to play, they are spoilt for choice.

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