Bevendean School in Surrey add a bright outdoor playground shelter

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completed canopy

Bright new school shelter at Bevendean School in Surrey

Motiva Mono

Bevendean School in Leatherhead, Surrey were keen to add some outdoor shade and shelter for their children. They wanted it to offer both shade in the summertime and shelter from the rain in the wetter months. Another consideration was the appearance of the shelter. Something nice and bright that the children would enjoy was something important to the school.

What better way to engage the children in spending more time outside, than to design and build a bright, colourful, large playground canopy right outside their classroom window! This is exactly what we did at Bevendean School. The canopy was built to an overall size of 14742mm X 5870/7972mm including for Alu-Tuff™ (aluminium box profile) guttering and downpipes in matching Dura-coat™ colour finish to suit.


The children now have a new space, call it a classroom extension, a playground canopy, a school shelter, or anything else. They are enjoying more time outside, no longer limited by the weather. In fact, they can even have lessons outside now as well as spending more playtimes in the outdoors. A fantastic solution.

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