ShadeSail canopy at Sir John Talbot’s School in Shropshire   

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Yellow ShadeSail creates shaded seating at Whitchurch school

Maxima ShadeSail

A courtyard area at Sir John Talbot’s School in Shropshire already had some picnic bench seating, but what it didn’t have was any shade. Students are always keen to be outdoors but protection from UV rays is key, especially in light of the more extreme weather that we are seeing. The area was perfect for a fabric canopy from the Maxima range at A&S Landscape, so the only question was, which design to choose …

The Maxima range has a number of different fabric canopies. Umbrellas, ShadeSails, StarSails and Tepees to name a few. The ShadeSails are available in triangle or square fabric, overlapping or single layer, different colours, shade cloth or PVC, so the choices really are endless. Sir John Talbot’s school installed a square hypar ShadeSail at 5m x 5m in yellow shade cloth fabric and black steelwork. This aligned nicely with the school’s branding and has created a smart new shaded seating area for students to enjoy.

The new space has some seating without shade and some with shade to offer students a choice of where to sit. The posts were fitted with post protectors for added safety and these were also in yellow to keep up the theme. It is a lovely new area which now has purpose and a modern canopy, we think it looks great, especially on a bright sunny day!

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