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New School Shelter Transforms Leeds Infant School

Posted on 30/07/2015

Banks Road Infant School
Look at the transformation at this Leeds school as one of our Motiva Linear canopies replaces a tired timber canopy.

Project – Motiva Linear canopy – Banks Road Infant School

Product – 
Motiva Linear

Requirement – Sometimes creating space isn’t about just adding something new, it can be about replacing something that no longer offers what you need.

At Banks Road Infant School they had an old timber structure that had lost its lust for life and was, sadly, in need of an upgrade.

We’ve talked about this before but design isn’t just about getting a job done, it’s also about the intangible. How a space feels makes a difference to how you behave within it.

By re-energising a space we can instantly create an additional outdoor learning and play area and that is just a little bit magic. That’s right, magic. Because the intangible has that quality. Whilst you may see a robust and attractive play space, what you get is something else entirely.

Solution – By adding a Motiva Linear canopy with bright, colourful fencing, we were able to kick this outdoor space into life. The Motiva Linear was installed in a professional green steelwork with additional fencing in a range of playful colours.

Result – Together, the smart Motiva Linear canopy and bright, playful fencing provide a sheltered area where the children are secure and can learn and play all year round.

But more than that, think back to the last time you were in a space that inspired you. The result of good design, especially design that has personality is that what you are left with is more than the steelwork, more than the polycarbonate roofing and more than the fencing too. It’s the invisible ‘in-between’ that can make you feel excited, energised and ready for fun and positive learning.

When planning a space, always ask yourself how you want that space to feel and how you want the people who use it to feel as well.

Find Out More – If there’s a space around campus that you feel could do with a new lease of life, we can help with that.

Some spaces simply stop working when they’re left to fall into disrepair but the addition of new, vibrant outdoor shelters and canopies can reinvigorate them.

Take a look at our outdoor canopies for schools here.