How Teachers Can Prepare for the New School Year

Teachers need the holidays to recharge and rest but when thoughts return to going back to school, we have collated a few thoughts on useful things that you can do to prepare for the new term…

Despite long holidays, work-life balance remains a real challenge for teachers. Late nights spent marking and planning can impact on even the most organised teachers’ home life.

So, when the holidays finally come it is a time to recharge, to reset and to come down from the term-time schedule.

Having enjoyed some downtime and when you are feeling revitalised and recovered it is inevitable that thoughts of going back start to creep in. We have collated a few thoughts on useful things that you can do to prepare for the new term …

Decorate your classroom – A new style, theme, wall calendar, display board. These can all add to the new environment that will engage your students when they start back.

Clarify classroom rules – Even if these are clear, you can consider additional ways of working such as reward system or discussion exercises.

Set up your parent communication tool – If you use an electronic tool such as Class Dojo to communicate with parents it can be time-consuming to set up. Doing this before you go back to school will mean you don’t have to find time when you are in the thick of teaching again.

Set up electronic learning passwords for pupils – Again, collating log in details and passwords for a class full of pupils takes time, try and do any necessary work like this before you go back to school, you will be grateful that you have.

Arrange the desks – A different layout can reinvigorate the room. Consider how the sun shines into the room, clusters of desks rather than rows, which children will be working together…

Consider outdoor learning sessions – Ofsted are keen to explore options for outdoor learning. A different environment can help engage students and offer them another learning experience. Consider the availability of shade and shelter at your school. A wide range of school shelters are available.