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Straight Roof Canopies at Dean Trust Ardwick School in Manchester

Posted on 15/04/2020

Dean Trust Ardwick Shelter
Dean Trust Ardwick was completing a series of works at the school, making further improvements to the services and facilities offered to the students. A&S Landscape was asked to design, manufacture and install two canopies so the outside space could be used more regularly.

What was the project?

To make the outdoor space more accessible by installing two straight roof canopies at Dean Trust Ardwick School in Manchester.

Dean Trust ArdwickWhat product did we use?

The school choose to use our asymmetric Motiva Linear design. Although it is classed as a straight roof canopy, one side is raised slightly higher than the other. As standard, the shelters include aluminium guttering and downpipes, using our Alu-Tuff™ system.

What was the problem?

The students at Dean Trust Ardwick enjoyed spending time during their breaks and lunches outside. However, when the weather conditions were poor, they were forced to stay inside the buildings, leaving the outdoor space unused. A&S Landscape was contacted to create an ideal shelter solution, which met all of the school’s requirements.

What was our solution?

We installed two straight roof canopies outside one of the school’s buildings. The Motiva Linear structures both feature Anthracite Grey steelwork, which gives the shelters a modern look. Opal polycarbonate sheeting was used on the canopies, providing protection from harmful UV rays. This would allow the students to continue spending time outside during the summer, safe from the sun.

What was the result?

Both the staff and students at Dean Trust Ardwick are thrilled with the new shelters. Already the covered areas have become a very popular place during break times, especially when the conditions outside are poor. The versatile space is used to socialise with friends, eat lunch and study in a relaxed, alternative environment.


“We were happy with A&S Landscape throughout the project. The installation team worked in some appalling weather, but they just cracked on.”

– Dean Trust Ardwick

A little bit about the client…

Dean Trust Ardwick is part of a group of high-performing schools within the Dean Trust. The school first opened in 2015 and now takes in pupils from Year 7 to 11 in the local Manchester area. The team prides themselves on the first-class education they provide, which is clear to see from everyone’s passion and enthusiasm.

It was a privilege to work with the team at Dean Trust Ardwick, including the Headteacher Ms Suzanne Finlay. It’s great this school has also recognised the true importance of providing a covered outside space which can be used all-year-round.

Why should secondary schools invest in a canopy?

Our range of canopies, shade sails and shelters suit a variety of applications and are manufactured to a high-standard so you can enjoy them for many years to come.

Senior school canopies can provide walkway shelters between classrooms and buildings, protecting students and staff from the weather. All-weather sports pitches can also be created from a shelter, allowing sports teams to play and practice throughout the school year. Standalone outdoor dining areas have also proven to be a cost-effective solution to rising intake figures at many schools already. There are also many proven benefits to eating alfresco too.

How else can our canopies be used by businesses?

We don’t just work with schools, we’ve also installed canopies at a range of companies and industries. We designed a bespoke shelter for the Archery GB team, providing a covered area they could practise from throughout through every season.

As well as sporting facilities, we’ve worked with many restaurants, cafes and hotels helping them get more use out of their outside space. Like these fabric umbrella canopies we installed at The Railway Inn in Swansea, or this shade sail we added at the newly refurbished Carden Park Hotel and Spa in Cheshire.

How A&S Landscape can work with you

We have over 44 years of experience in working with secondary schools across the nation. Senior school canopies need to be long-lasting, often being used for outdoor dining areas, waiting shelters, meet and greet canopies, seating canopies and more.

A&S Landscape works with schools to transform areas of their ground all over the country. Our products are robust and stylish and come in many designs to ensure you can choose something to suit your situation. Our Motiva range offers steel and polycarbonate canopies and our Maxima range offers steel and fabric shades.

Why not get in touch with us today and see how we can help with your project? Email [email protected] with your requirements or call us on 01743 444100.