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Covered Playspace at Much Wenlock Primary School Shropshire

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Much Wenlock Primary School
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  • Product

    Motiva Mono

  • Size

    8000MM X 4000MM

  • Colours

    BLUE RAL5002

Project Details

One of the outcomes we love is when we are credited with having added space, we often hear clients say ‘’look at the space we have now’’ as though we somehow created it by magic. We can let you into a secret; all we have done is take space that was at the mercy of the elements and by covering it, transformed it beyond what was ever expected.

Sounds simple? It is! So when we added this covered play space in Shropshire, we knew the profound impact it would have. Much Wenlock Primary School already have wonderful classroom spaces, but wanted to extend the learning opportunities available to their students by creating a larger, all year outdoor learning experience.

We installed a Motiva Mono, 8000mm x 4000mm in Blue (RAL5002) steelwork and with opal roofing which does a great job of protecting from UV rays whilst also keeping the rain off and created a space that was previously unusable during poor weather!.

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Dear Sirs

We are delighted with our new canopy. It enhances the children's experience of the early years foundation stage curriculum by extending the learning opportunities available in the outdoor learning environment.

Teacher Much Wenlock Primary School

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