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​Montgomery Primary Academy in Sparkbrook reinvigorate playground with shade sail canopy

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​Montgomery Primary Academy in Sparkbrook reinvigorate playground with shade sail canopy
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Project Details

Montgomery Primary Academy had a delightful playground that was well used by the children, but no one could have imagined how smart it would look with a brand new shade sail canopy installed.

Shade Sails from our Maxima Range come in a variety of colours and configurations and they can enhance almost any space. The fabric can be shade cloth or waterproof PVC and in this case the waterproof fabric was chosen in a smart Victoria Blue colour.

The shade sail was installed at 4100mm x 4100mm on four upright posts. This gave a lovely wide area of shade which the children can use in any number of different ways. They can read outdoors, play and socialise with friends and perhaps even have the occasional outdoor lesson. Post pads were added to the uprights for an extra level of safety for the children.

With more than 40 years’ experience of helping schools transform outdoor areas, if you are considering a canopy project we would be pleased to talk through some ideas with you.

A&S Landscape have a wide range of products for you to review. All the different designs make sure that you will be able to find something to meet your needs. Review our gallery which has over 1500 images, it is a great place to get some inspiration for your project.

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