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Entrance canopy Loughborough Primary School

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Loughborough Primary School
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  • Product

    Motiva Wave Canopy

  • Size

    5000mm x 4000mm

  • Colours

    Green RAL 6032/Opal roofing

Project Details

Working with consultant architects on Loughborough Primary School gave us the chance to install a Motiva Wave with a stunning effect that frames the entrance and gives it real impact. With opal roofing and green steelwork (RAL 6032) this wave roof canopy stands at 5000mm x 4000mm.

The school were understandably delighted with the finished shelter and if you are looking at entrance or other covered areas then the Motiva Wave is another variant worth consideration.

Virtually any size can be constructed and we will work with you to produce a shelter that fits exactly your needs. We can also help you choose colours for the steelwork and roofing. You can see our full colours range here.


Dear Sirs

We are very pleased with our canopy which has provided us with a fantastic, year round, outdoor learning environment! The quality of the structure and workmanship are also excellent. We now have a very happy GYFS!!

Headteacher Loughborough C E Primary

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