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Claremont High School in Harrow cover outdoor dining area

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Claremont High School in Harrow cover outdoor dining area
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Project Details

Claremont High School had ‘space’ for outdoor dining but no ‘shade’ or ‘shelter’. They pride themselves on providing the best environment possible for their pupils so a designated dining canopy was something that we helped them design for their campus. A&S Landscape installed a large canopy from our Motiva Duo range. It measured 23,236mm x 12,384mm, had opal roofing and steelwork in Marine Blue (RAL 5002).

The children were delighted to have a new space to enjoy. No more worrying about finding a seat to eat their lunch. Now they can socialise and eat at their leisure, encouraging social interaction and better eating habits. As we all know, when children have eaten well they can concentrate better and this leads to improved focus and learning. All this from a new canopy. A great result!

With pupil numbers increasing in many schools, adding an outdoor dining area is something that we are seeing more and more schools doing. Creating new space on the school campus without adding a formal building or requiring planning permission. Definitely worth considering if your pupils are struggling to find a seat at lunchtime.

From Shade Sails, Umbrellas andTepees, to straight or curved roof steel canopies, A&S Landscape have a range which is sure to offer you something special. We can help you from the beginning planning stages, right through to installation. Feel free to look through our gallery, which has more than 1500 images to inspire you.


Dear Sirs

Went really well, everyone was really helpful. Everything went smoothly.

Reece Clark Claremont High School

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