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Shade Sails for Schools

A&S Landscape specialize in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of Shade Sails for schools throughout the UK.

Extensive school shade sail range

We work with a huge number of schools across the country, supplying and installing shade sails to Nursery and Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Academies, Universities and Colleges. Whilst technically shade sails are fabric sails suspended to offer shade the term 'shade sail' has become an umbrella term (excuse the pun!) for tensile fabric structures of many kinds which we group in our Maxima range and come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. See our shade sails page for more information.

Our extensive range of shade Sails for schools includes;-

The need for shade in schools

Children spend almost half their childhood at school, with approximately 8 hours per week spent outdoors. During the hotter months of the year children are exposed to UV radiation from the sun, the majority of which is when UV penetration is at its strongest. Without adequate protection, a child's delicate skin can burn within minutes, causing irreparable damage. This can significantly increase their risk of developing skin cancer in later life. However, Skcin believe that it's not just parents who have a responsibility to ensure their children are equipped to protect themselves against UV during school hours. We believe that schools also have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of their pupils, which includes working with both pupils and their parents to not just ensure children have access to sun protection measures, but that they are actively educated annually on the importance of sun safety…..


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School Shadesail Applications

Schools catering for younger children including Infant Schools, Playgroups and Nurseries, often require an outdoor covered play area to ensure free flow play is possible in all weathers. They also provide additional outdoor teaching space, allowing teaching to be extended into the playground whatever the weather. A covered teaching area, providing all-weather protection is just one of the many benefits of waterproof shade sails for schools.

A school shadesail can provide a staff and pupils with protection from the sun and shade from the rain, transforming previously unused areas into the perfect outdoor learning area, dining area or social space. Our high quality shade sails are suitable for a wide range of uses including

Shade sails for schools prices

A&S Landscape offer a full range of shade sails for schools ensuring we have something for every budget. Prices will vary with shade sail sizes, the location of your school, ground surface and other site specific factors. Please see our prices page for further information.

Bespoke shade sails for schools

Offering a bespoke service allows us to manufacture our shade sails to suit your school, each shade sail, Covered walkway or shade sail is different and we can manufacture to suit the site and application.

Please take a look at some of our school shade sails projects

Severndale Special School

Severndale Special School

Severndale Special School in Shrewsbury was established in September 1995 following the reorganisation of provision for children with special educational needs in Shropshire. In September 2008, a large scale development was completed at the site on the Monkmoor Campus. The children and young people are aged 3 to 19 and have a range of learning difficulties.

A&S Landscape have carried out many other schemes including cycle storage at Severndale school over the past few years so we were the preferred choice when it came to designing a solution for one of the play areas. The unusual shape of the area was no problem to the bespoke Shade Sails which can be manufactured to suit any configuration. A mixture of independent uprights and wall brackets all in galvanised and PPC white finish and fitted with high quality stainless steel tension fittings were used to support the sails. The staff at Severndale School were involved in choosing the colours for the shade sails which complement the area perfectly. Posts pads were considered essential and in navy blue are a smart contrast to the white steelwork.

William Farr School

William Farr School

We were delighted to work with William Farr School to design a scheme offering individual shaded areas for their external dining area to provide them with a shelter for sunshade. Excitingly the comprehensive school for 11-18 year olds also tasked us with designing a covered performance area for students and our design experts immediately set to work on an innovative solution.

The Maxima StarSail at 5 metre x 5 metre complete with waterproof fabric was the ideal choice as a waterproof shelter for the individual dining areas. Four of these have been used in a straight line offering comprehensive waterproof coverage for their picnic benches along with excellent aesthetics. For the decked performance area, the 6 metre x 6 metre Maxima Sail, was completed with curved uprights and waterproof fabric and makes a bold statement.

If you would like more information on our Maxima Shadesail shelter and our Maxima Starsail shelter please contact us.

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Horsley Woodhouse School

Horsley Woodhouse School

Encouraging outdoor play was the driving factor when Horsely Woodhouse School for infants contacted us for ideas to cover their playground which offered no shade or shelter. A Maxima Umbrella at 6000mm x 6000mm was the ideal solution to their needs offering a large expanse of shade against the sun and a fun shelter for the children to enjoy hours or freeflow play. The crisp white steelwork and fabric shelter is contrasted with a bright red post pad adding a pop of colour.

If you would like more information on a shelter for your infant schools please contact us.

Winstanley College

Winstanley College

The walkway takes centre stage at Winstanley College following a refurbishment scheme which involved the construction of a two-storey brick clad learning resource centre including new library, offices and IT suite, labs, dark room and classrooms.

The college's contractor relied on our expertise in tensile fabric shelters to specify the shelter for their covered walkway leading from the new facility and our Maxima Sail is set on elegant curved uprights was the perfect solution for the school. The waterproof sail extends 18000mm along the walkway providing students with sunshade and shelter in a contemporary setting.

If you would like more information on a Maxima Sail with curved uprights please contact us.

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