School Dining Canopy for Pupils in Oxfordshire

A&S Landscape installed one Motiva Duo and one Motiva Mono canopy in a white steelwork with opal roofing, which means Gilliotts students stay dry whilst eating as well as get protection from direct sunlight.

Project – Dining Area Canopy – Gillotts School, Henley on Thames

Products – Motiva Mono and Motiva Duo

Requirement – In life we often focus on specific tasks, specific goals and forget that it’s the space between these jobs that holds the most importance.

For example; for a school to succeed and become truly excellent is it just about the lessons and the staff? They play an incredibly important role, obviously, but there’s no doubt that the environment a student learns in helps them to be in the best state to succeed.

And what more important environment than where you eat?

Seriously. An army marches on its stomach!