Westminster Primary Academy in Blackpool Adds Large Outdoor Dining and Teaching Area

The finished canopy at Westminster Primary Academy has gone Over & Above™ the school's needs, with ample space that could accommodate up to 120 pupils. The new space provides teachers with more teaching options, eases dining pressures, and offers an impressive space to host events.

Project Specification

  • Product: Motiva Duo™
  • Size: 15000mm X 8000mm
  • Steelwork:
    • Ultramarine Blue

  • Roof:
    • Opal

What was the project brief?

Westminster Primary Academy in Blackpool initially reached out to us in need of a multi-use outdoor canopy solution. The canopy needed to accommodate at least thirty students, but the school were looking to get the most that they could within their designated budget. They wanted the canopy to be fun and suitable for their primary-age students and were excited to collaborate with our consultants to turn their vision into a reality.


What was our canopy solution?

After discussing this project with our expert consultants, the school decided on our Motiva Duo™ design with dimensions of 15000mm X 8000mm. For the steelwork, we used a Ultramarine Blue Duracoat™ and paired this with an Opal polycarbonate roof for a simplistic look that adds a pop of colour to the playground. The school also decided to add eight post pads and opted for a contrasting shade of light blue. Our Motiva Duo™ canopy is a great solution that can be altered to suit your space, capacity requirements, and colour preferences.


About the client

The Headteacher, Mrs Beth Latham, strives to create a school that supports, challenges, and provides enriching opportunities for their pupils to prepare them for the future. The school aims to build a close relationship between their staff and the student’s parents to ensure the best outcome for all. The client came to us due to our existing relationship with the trust, The Fylde Academy Trust, and were impressed by our customer service and designs.


Client Comments

“The quality of the installation was excellent, and the canopy looks amazing.”


Term-time fittings

Having your canopy fitted in term time can be a great option for schools that are trying to keep costs down or have a tight budget. Here at A&S Landscape, we take a careful and considerate approach to ensure that all projects that take place on a live school site are safe and cause as little disruption as possible. Our fitters are fully certified and DBS checked, and they are firm in sticking to all health and safety regulations as well as requests from the school itself. We regularly receive outstanding feedback regarding our fitters, which we have shared some snippets of below:


“The fitters were very good and no issues. Health & safety up to scratch and barricaded area off, and the quality of the installation was very good indeed” – Ysgol Terrig


“The fitters were good guys, finished ahead of schedule which helped us immensely” – The Telford Park School


“The fitters were very helpful on-site & very knowledgeable” – T Manners & Sons Limited for Carmel College


“A&S Landscape was excellent from enquiry to installation. A top-notch service.” – Cubby Construction Ltd