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School Canopy Tepee at Pennyhill Primary School in Bromwich

School Canopy Tepee at Pennyhill Primary School in Bromwich

  • Size: 7000mm x 7000mm
  • Steelwork:
    • Sky Blue - RAL NO. 5015

  • Fabric:
    • Yellow

Maxima Tepee™

We all know how much children enjoy being outdoors and the option to enjoy fresh air regardless of the weather is what started Pennyhill Primary school thinking. They were keen to add an area to the playground which offered some shade and shelter from the elements. It may even be possible to take some lessons outside if the space allowed…

Here at A&S Landscape, we have more than 40 years’ experience of working in the education sector. We can provide a wide range of canopy and school shelter options, so we were confident that we would have just the right product for Pennyhill Primary School. We have all the requisite experience and permissions to be on site both in the school holidays as well as term time, so installation can take place right through the year.

There are many canopy products on the market, from steel and polycarbonate structures to those with fabric roofing. Pennyhill Primary chose a Tepee canopy from our Maxima range. It was installed at 7000mm x 7000mm with post protectors and waterproof PVC fabric, offering year-round shelter. The fabric was Yellow (RAL 1021) and the steelwork was Light Blue (RAL 5015).

The finished product looks great, we think it adds a bright new design feature to the school as well as the shelter that they were looking for.

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