Fabulous, the children are using it as a shelter at the moment and we will be adding seating and benches soon as well.

- Rhymney Comprehensive

When Rhymney Comprehensive thought about adding a canopy to their playground, the wide range of canopies available made the choice quite difficult. Canopies with shade cloth that protect from UV rays, canopies with PVC fabric which protect from UV and wet weather, polycarbonate canopies which provide a solid roof structure…

The canopy that they chose is from our Motiva Duo range. With steel uprights in Grey (RAL 7000) and an opal polycarbonate roof, this canopy was installed with gutters and downpipes to ensure that rainwater was effectively managed. In matching paintwork these elements are smart and durable and complete the canopy perfectly. The canopy measures 15000mm x 6000mm and sits in the playground area of the school, allowing all the children to access it.

The new covered area is being finished with seating and tables so that the children can enjoy break times and lunchtimes in their new space. What a super new addition to the outside area. There is a fantastic view as well, which we are sure that students and teachers will enjoy for many years to come as they sit under their new canopy.