Great, the children love it!

- Pennington Infants School

The children enjoy reading with teachers outside, playing games, learning about nature and exploring independently. The new things that being outside allows children to experience, broadens their learning and is an important part of the curriculum.

It is of course important to provide the children with shade from the sunshine whilst they are doing all these new things. It is now even easier to add some shelter to your playground, without the need to dig holes or use any concrete at all.

The new Planter Sail has four planters, which can be used for planting flowers, or they can incorporate board game tops. The children can play draughts or chess and there are lots of options available. The shade cloth fabric sail spans the posts to create a lovely shaded area without the need to dig even one hole in the ground.

The simple installation means that costs are kept down and disruption to your school site is absolutely minimal.

If you would like to look at the colour and design options, please get in touch with us and we can talk you through the new Planter Sail range.

The children now have another shaded spot in the playground to enjoy on the hotter days of the year. Perhaps you will find them making a den, reading a book or chatting with friends, safe from UV rays and with plenty of fresh air.