Newmarket Academy in Suffolk Create Covered Outdoor SEN Area

Newmarket Academy decided to add a canopy to their campus to create a sheltered area for their special education needs (SEN) students. A&S Landscape thoroughly enjoyed transforming the site into a much-loved play area.

Project Specification

  • Product: Motiva Linear™
  • Size: 16000mm x 9000mm
  • Steelwork:
    • Ultramarine Blue - RAL NO. 5002

  • Roof:
    • Opal

A large straight canopy was installed alongside the school building. The Motiva Linear features marine blue steelwork which works perfectly with the surroundings. The students are also protected underneath the shelter from UV rays thanks to the opal polycarbonate roofing. Plenty of covered space has been created as the canopy measures a total of 16000mm x 9000mm.

Now the SEN students at Newmarket Academy have a dedicated outside area they can use all-year-round. Break and lunchtimes can be spent outdoors, allowing the students to enjoy some fresh air no matter the weather. This helps them to relax and refresh ahead of their next lessons, and to let off some steam. The school buildings will also be relieved of pressure as there are now more options during wet weather days.

How open space can affect young people with SEBD needs and how we can utilise our outside spaces better

It is vital to recognise the wider needs of every pupil whether they are in a mainstream school or a special school, but it is so vital to understand the personal and emotional needs of a young person. As educators, we are responsible for preparing young people for their next step, be that further education, apprenticeships or finding a job. We have to teach equality and diversity not just for the growing community that we live in, but to help our students identify that no matter what problems they may have experienced in their lives, they have the same opportunities and the same potential as everyone else.

The only way to do this is to equip our students with the facility to acknowledge their own needs and independently find their own tactics to overcome their obstacles. We can only accomplish this if we have the services that will aid their development.

Read our blog to learn more about how young people with SEBD needs are effected by open space.

It’s great that so many schools are recognising the importance of providing an outdoor sheltered space. Canopies are a great cost-effective way of keeping the playgrounds accessible all-year-round. They also provide an alternative learning environment, which helps to engage students and create memorable lessons. We also worked with Abbotts Hall CP School in Suffolk, where we added a green play area canopy.

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