Mounts Bay Academy in Cornwall Installs Dining Shelter

The dining and events canopy has been really well-received. The multi-purpose space met the school’s brief and students can enjoy concerts and lunchtimes in the fresh air at any point in the year, even if the weather isn’t up to scratch.

Project Specification

What was the project brief?

curved-shelter-mounts-bay-academyMounts Bay Academy in Heamoor near Penzance needed a canopy to create a covered outdoor dining area that could also be used to hold events and concerts. The staff wanted to install screens inside the building which could be viewed from beneath the shelter, so it was essential that it had no central posts. They required a simple design with maximum coverage to ensure that everyone stayed dry, no matter the weather. Mounts Bay Academy got in touch with us here at A&S Landscape and we were delighted to help them make their vision a reality.

What was our dining canopy solution?

We explained our range of products to Mounts Bay Academy and, after deliberation, they settled on the Motiva Duo™. With a Dura-coat™ finish that keeps it looking its best for years and genuine polycarbonate roofing that protects anyone under it from a range of bad weather, this model is popular with schools. Thanks to our manufacturing process and expert design team, we were able to build the canopy structure without central posts – so everyone could enjoy an uninterrupted view of the screens that the school added to the building’s exterior. The durable build made it ideal for shielding students and staff from the rain when relaxing and eating during breaks, as well as a great space for outdoor events. Plus, the Opal roof and Galvanised steelwork created a straightforward but striking design that contributed something special to the site’s facilities.

What was the result of the shelter?

The dining and events canopy has been really well-received. The multi-purpose space met the school’s brief and students can enjoy concerts and lunchtimes in the fresh air at any point in the year, even if the weather isn’t up to scratch. The curved roof easily keeps out the rain and wind so everyone can get the most out of their brand new facility, and we enjoyed adapting our model to work with Mounts Bay Academy’s requirements. We hope that they will use the shelter to help many children have even more fun at their concerts and break times.


“Thank you so much for delivering this massive asset to our school. I am really impressed with the quality of the installation, and feel that we really did choose the right contractor. They were also great at following the Academy’s safeguarding protocols and had a high regard for Health and Safety. All in all, considering our exacting requirements, the awkward nature of the site and access, I am really grateful to have been able to work with you. I feel our communication has been easy and on point, and the end result is a testament to your professionalism, despite the significant hold-ups from our end. We are super delighted, and I would recommend A&S Landscape unreservedly. Thank you!”

Kathleen Hawkins, Mounts Bay Academy

About the client

Mounts Bay Academy is an academy school for 11- to 16-year-old students. It says on its website that it believes ‘all young people are “Grade A” students; it is our job to nurture the very best in each person by identifying their strengths’. Its values of excellence, equity and evolution are instilled in everything it does and reflect those of the Leading Edge Academies partnership, which it is a member of. The staff were a pleasure to work with and we were glad that thy had as much passion for the finished product as we did.

This client is based in Heamoor, a rural village in Cornwall. It’s known today for its nearby, stunning country walks, close-knit community and being involved in ‘Taves an Tir’, a National Lottery Heritage Funded project on Cornish language in the landscape. Further gardens, galleries and museums can be enjoyed in Penzance, just a short distance away.

How can eating outdoors be beneficial for children?

Dining shelters enable students to eat snacks and lunches outside in all seasons, and this can be helpful in different areas of their lives. Research has shown that it can aid physical health by reducing blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension, as well as mental health by improving mood. It can even help academic performance because it can boost memory and concentration. Installing a canopy in your school can improve daily life for your students, so why not contact us to find out more? Simply call us on 01743 444100 – we’ll answer all of your questions.

How can I see what previous clients thought of their A&S Landscape projects?

We’re proud to have worked with customers across a wide variety of industries and to have completed their projects to a high standard. If you’d like to read their thoughts about their individual shelters – from tensile fabric canopies to covered walkway systems – take a look at our Testimonials page. Then, you can contact us by phone on 01743 444100 or email us at [email protected] to discuss creating your future canopy.