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Ludlow Junior School install covered play area

Ludlow Junior School install covered play area

  • Size: 5000mm x 5000mm
Maxima Umbrella

Ludlow Junior School is a place of learning and engagement. A primary school in South Shropshire where children are helped to reach their full potential in a fun and interesting environment.

Key to keeping young minds engaged is being able to offer them new and different environments in which to learn. How nice then, that when Ludlow Junior School and A&S Landscape worked together to add a new Umbrella shade to the playground area, that it provided yet another option for learning.

As educators know, learning outside the classroom is key and something that Ofsted are looking at in their evaluations. Now Ludlow Junior School have added shelter to a fenced seating area outside which can be used for learning as well as dining and socialising. Fantastic!

At Ludlow Junior School they installed Maxima Umbrella at 5000mm x 5000mm, with Marine Blue RAL 5002 steelwork and Night Blue fabric. It adds a sense of completeness to the area which is now enjoyed by even more children than before.

A&S Landscape don’t just offer cycle stores, we also update, reinvigorate, enhance and redesign outdoor spaces with canopies, shade sails, tepees and even multi-use games areas. So, should you want something along these lines, we would be pleased to talk you through the options. Outdoors, we have it covered!

If you want to find out more about our ranges of canopies then take a look at our gallery of finished projects here and if you have any questions at all then a member of our design team will be able to help you. Please call us on 01743 444100.