Holme Slack Community Primary School in Preston Installs New Canopy with Shutters

Holme Slack Community Primary School in Preston are really pleased with their new multi-purpose canopy. The shutter feature allows for the canopy to be used to store playground equipment at night in a closed secure area.

Project Specification

What was the project brief?

The school reached out to A&S Landscape with an area that they were looking to cover to function as an extra teaching space, or that could also be used to store playground toys and equipment. They were inspired by our enclosed canopies that could provide further coverage, and be a more secure solution for storing their items in.


What was our school canopy solution?

After discussing the client’s size requirements and needs, we provided our Motiva Shutter™ canopy solution. The design makes use of our Purple Red Duracoat™ on all steelwork, to provide long-lasting and durable colour. To tie in with the bright colour choice, the school opted for our unique Rainbow polycarbonate roof – we have a wide range of coloured polycarbonate that can be chosen and mix and matched to the client’s taste. Two Purple Red shutter doors were fitted to the canopy, these enable the canopy to be truly opened up during periods of nice weather, or shut down to provide full coverage of shelter when the weather is poor.


About the client

Holme Slack Community Primary School are based in Preston, Lancashire. Their headteacher, Mrs Michelle Peck, shares that the school, “aims high in order for all pupils to achieve their best at all times”, and describes the school environment to be, “a busy and friendly school, with lots going on”. The canopy has been a well-welcomed addition to the school, and we hope it is enjoyed for many years to come.


Client Feedback

“The design process was very useful, especially the 3D drawings.”


The Importance of Outdoor Learning Systems in Early Years Teaching Environments

Spending time outdoors has a drastic impact on children’s development, studies suggest that spending time outdoors can support children to gain the following:


Where do the schools come in? Well, rising trends show that children are having decreased access to open spaces; due to day-to-day busy lives, parents have less time to participate in these activities with their children. These experiences are a core part of the school curriculum, and many schools are able to provide children with an open space to undertake these activities. We help many schools to develop these spaces to ensure they can be used by pupils all year round, so if you are looking to install an outdoor learning space, or to add shelter to your playground. Get in touch today.

*Information used within this article has been sourced from the BBC.