Very pleased, very impressed. The governors and parents are pleased. New visitors who come to the school like it too.

Headteacher - Hawksworth Primary School

Hawksworth CE Primary School in Leeds were keen to create an additional space for the children in Yorkshire. Somewhere that they could use all year round without having to consider the weather. Access to the outdoors has been shown to improve pupil concentration and engagement and this is why Hawksworth CE Primary School were keen to add a covered outdoor area to their already smart school.

A&S Landscape have a large range of canopies from fabric to steel and polycarbonate in any number of designs and configurations, so we knew that we would have just the right product. The school decided to go with a Motiva Duo, curved roof canopy with Moss Green (RAL 6005) steelwork and opal polycarbonate roofing. The canopy was large, spanning an area of 6100mm x 6000mm. The addition of 37 meters square of rubber surfacing as well as plastic fencing to three sides of the canopy has created a very nicely defined, covered area which can be used for many different activities by the children.

The outdoor space has created shelter from the wet weather as well as offering shade in the hotter months of the year. The children as well as their teachers and visitors to the school, really like the new part of the playground and their comments have been very positive. The quality of materials used as standard by A&S Landscape, means that they canopy will stand the test of time for Hawksworth CE Primary School.

A&S Landscape have a wide variety of canopy products, you can view more than 1000 images of our work on our gallery.