Eton Park Junior Academy in Staffordshire Installs Three Shade Umbrellas

These three fabric umbrella canopies have been an exciting addition to Eton Park Junior Academy, being positioned on the school field means that the pupils will be able to seek shade in the summer, and the design would also allow teachers to host outdoor lessons without having to worry about the children’s exposure to UV rays.

Project Specification

  • Product: Maxima Umbrella™
  • Size: 6000mm X 6000mm
  • Steelwork:
    • Moss Green

  • Roof:
    • Tennis Green

What was the project brief?

Eton Park Junior Academy in Staffordshire initially enquired about designing three to four canopies for their playground area that could be used by pupils to seek shade during break times in the summer and would also provide teachers with the option of hosting lessons outdoors. The school also liked the idea of incorporating the school’s dark green colours on the canopies. After listening to all of the school’s needs, our helpful consultants worked with the school to design some Exceptional Covered Spaces™.

What was our canopy solution?

After reviewing the school’s needs, our team of specialists began designing the canopies for the school.  The final design consisted of three Maxima Umbrella™ canopies, offering excellent coverage across their school field – with each canopy measuring 6000mm X 6000mm. To match the school’s colours, a Moss Green Duracoat™ was used on the steelwork; not only does this provide long-wearing colour but it also offers protection from corrosion, scratches, and rust. For the roof, our waterproof fabric range was chosen to offer further protection year-round; for this, the shade Tennis Green was chosen as the closest match to the steelwork – creating a modern monochromatic look.

About the client

Eton Park Junior Academy in Staffordshire are one of seven academies within The De Ferrers Trust; their Headteacher, Claire Shaw, shares that the academy reflects the values of the trust by “working hard, being kind, and choosing wisely”. We are so glad that they chose to work with us on this project and look forward to hearing about how the pupils are making use of these Exceptional Covered Spaces™.

The process at A&S Landscape

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