Students are using it all the time as a social and dining space!

- Cirencester College

A key part of student life is socialising and the opportunity to do this outdoors in the fresh air is important. The college identified an area which would benefit from some shelter and worked with A&S Landscape to design a curved roof, steel and polycarbonate canopy which would offer the maximum covered seating for students.

The canopy is from our Motiva Duo range and measures 16011mm x 8000mm. The polycarbonate roof offers protection from the rain and UV protection in the warmer months. The steel structure is Slate Grey which creates a modern design statement and the college has added picnic benches underneath so that more than 100 students can enjoy the area at any one time. The canopy has integrated gutters to manage the rainwater and these are matched in Slate Grey to complete the smart installation.

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