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Charters School in Berkshire Add Fabric Umbrella Canopy

Charters School in Berkshire Add Fabric Umbrella Canopy

  • Size: 6000mm X 6000mm
  • Steelwork:
    • Ultramarine Blue - RAL NO. 5002

  • Fabric:
    • White

Maxima Umbrella™

Charters School already had fantastic facilities on their campus, but they identified the need to add a sheltered outside area. A&S Landscape proposed a stylish, yet practical, canopy which the school chose to install.

A large fabric umbrella canopy measuring 6000mm X 6000mm was built onto the school campus, covering a grassy area. The Maxima Umbrella was finished in the school colours, with a white fabric roof and marine blue steelwork. The roof was also made with waterproof PVC so the canopy can be used throughout the year, in all weather conditions.

The students of Charters School love the canopy and it has very quickly become a popular addition. At break and lunchtimes, the space can be used when the students want to enjoy their food in the fresh air. This gives them the chance to go outside and refresh before their next lessons. Especially when students need to relax during exam periods, this space will become an incredibly important asset to the school.

What’s more, is that teachers can also hold lessons outside without worrying about the weather conditions. This alternative learning environment engages the students and allows them to learn outside the four walls of a classroom. It’s true to say that the new umbrella canopy will have a positive impact on the entire school.

A&S Landscape offers a range of canopy designs, from straight roof shelters to bespoke fabric structures, we will have the perfect product for your needs. Get in touch with our friendly team today on 01743 444100 to discuss your requirements.