Playground Shelter in Cardiff

Working closely with Rhiwbeina Primary School we installed two Maxima Tepees to an overall size of 4000mm x 4000mm.

Project – Maxima Tepee creates outdoor playground cover at Rhiwbeina Primary School

Product – Maxima Tepee

Requirement – Rain falls, you can’t very well stop it.

But you can account for it. By adding a smart, playful outdoor playground shelter you open up the opportunity for outdoor learning even when the weather is a little grim.

Rhiwbeina Primary School tucked away in a sweet little village outside of Cardiff, wanted to make sure their children had somewhere to duck and cover when the heavens opened.

But not just anywhere, somewhere that was well designed and added value to the playground with soft, playful lines that would contrast the buildings around it.

So they contacted A&S Landscape to install an attractive yet effective playground canopy that meant when the sky turned grey, they could just ‘let it rain’.