Outdoor Shelters at Marjorie McClure School in Chislehurst

Marjorie McClure School in Chislehurst wanted two outdoor shelters to provide its learners and staff with protection from the elements when they were spending time outside.

What did the project involve?

We added two canopies to Marjorie McClure School – the first being a Motiva Linear™ measuring 52450mm X 2575mm that boasts a solid steel framework to stand up against any type of weather, and the second being a Motiva Cantilever™ of 53400mm X 2575mm which is a model with fantastic design options as a Motiva™ variant. This foundation special school teaches young people with complex medical needs and physical disabilities between the ages of 4 and 19, and we designed its outdoor shelters with stylish, matching Tarpaulin Grey steelwork and Clear roofs. They can be used by both students and staff to stay dry when outside during breaks or before classes in the wetter months.