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Outdoor Shelter in Leeds

Posted on 16/03/2017

Guiseley Primary School
A&S Landscape was asked to install a series of Motiva Linear canopies at Guiseley Primary School.

Project – Motiva Linear adds a splash of colour in Leeds

Product – Motiva Linear

Requirement – There’s something really beautiful about the way light shines through stained glass, isn’t there?

All of a sudden the harsh blue light of the early morning can fracture into beams of many colours, dancing around on the floor in front of you.

That’s just one of the many little pieces of magic that we experience in life and one which you can create for yourself.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at this project.

A&S Landscape was asked to install a series of Motiva Linear canopies at Guiseley Primary School. But these canopies wouldn’t just serve a specific purpose, they were also going to add a little spark of magic at the same time.

Solution – We installed a series of canopies from 2000mm x 1000mm up to 7200mm x 3600mm which included some really gorgeous colour combinations.

Each Motiva Linear was finished in a smart Slate Grey (RAL 7015) but the roofing is where the magic really happened. From a couple of canopies with understated Moondust roofing, we also installed a canopy with Rainbow polycarbonate roofing and another with a gorgeous combination of Poppy and Mandarin.

As you can see, when the light catches these colours it gives the same effect as a stained glass window refracting the light from a rising sun.

Result – The addition of playful coloured polycarbonate roofing adds a really whimsical edge to these canopies. Whether it’s a beautiful summers day or even the depths of winter, just the smallest amount of light will cast a gentle coloured tapestry on the floor below.

Find Out More – Playing with colour can make your outdoor shelter into something really stunning and our full range of polycarbonate roofing colours should give you a few ideas about what you can do. Take a look here.

And if you are ready to start planning your own masterpiece then get in touch with our design team and we can have a full proposal with you the very next day.