Outdoor Shade Sails in Middlesex

Worcester Primary School were on the lookout for some high-quality shade canopies to cover a multi-level space at the back of their classrooms. They chose a Maxima Shade Sail for its functional quality as well as its flair and imaginative look.

Project – Maxima Shade Sail adds stylish outdoor shade at Worcester Primary School

Product – Maxima Sail

Requirement – There’s design with a little ‘d’ and design with a capital ‘D’.

Little ‘d’ design is what design really stands for, the solving of a problem through a specific range of decisions and actions, it’s about function. Big ‘D’ design is more than that, it’s the place where function and form meet, the place where we solve a problem, beautifully.

There’s no doubt that our products are built to do both. By solving a particular problem whilst adding some aesthetic value, we produce structures that are capital ‘D’ all over.