This depends on your requirements, the size, roof shape, access to the area and the type of ground we’re installing into. We can quickly assess this and discuss your requirements, make our recommendations and give you a fully inclusive price with no obligation. If you have a budget or maximum spend, we will fit our recommendations around your needs.

Why not start the process today? We offer no-obligation quotes, and we will give you a fantastic price! Call us on 01743 444100.

Most of our end-user clients want an all-inclusive service so unless you have a builder on board as part of the project, we will assume that you will want us to carry out any groundworks. If you are a builder we would normally expect you to do this part of the works.

When we use the term ‘groundworks’ we are referring to ‘foundations’. So, unless it is specifically stated, please do not assume that price includes any drainage works or associated groundworks or surfacing etc… Our estimate will always make clear what is included or excluded, but if you are ever in doubt please just ask.

Only in some very specific circumstances will our price excludes installation, and this will be made clear on the estimate.

Where the guttering is relevant to the specific product it is normally shown as a separate item on the estimate so you can decide if you want it. The exception to this is where we may offer a special all-inclusive price and on our Maxima Tepee™ product where the gutter is an integral part of the design.

We have a specific guide on procurement that covers this that you can request here.

We accept bank transfer and cheque payments.

Yes, we offer a simple and flexible instalment plan which helps you spread the cost over a period of your choice. All applications for credit are subject to approval. Please call us to discuss this option on 01743 444100.

We do not ask for a deposit with your order, or prior to manufacture. Our standard payment terms require a part payment before commencing on site. If this doesn’t suit you, please call us to discuss alternative options on 01743 444100.

Yes, there are lots of sources of funding for special projects like canopies and shelters and you may be eligible for one or more of them. We provide a guide containing hundreds of funding bodies and grant givers, any of whom may be able to provide you with the resources you need.

You may wish to explore leasing options after the updates made around the IFRS regulations on the 2nd March 2022. You can learn more about these changes by reading our handy guide to IFRS here.

Canopy sizes, styles, materials and groundwork requirements vary across every installation so we can’t provide a fixed pricelist. Once we have assessed your needs we can give you our best price, which includes the canopy and all associated works.

Please note that all images in our gallery have a reference number. You can quote these with your enquiry and we can tell you what that specific structure would cost. Why not start the process, there’s no obligation and we’ll give you a fantastic price! Call us on 01743 444100 today.