Fabric Canopy at Bowesfield Primary School in Stockton on Tees

Bowesfield Primary School is located in Stockton on Tees, County Durham. A school that impresses a culture of inclusivity and health living on its children, they embrace the opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors.

What was the project?

With a wonderful sports field within the school’s grounds, Bowesfield Primary School wanted to add an area of shade for the pupils on sunny days. They enlisted our help to develop a scheme that would deliver a large amount of shade. The chosen solution was our Maxima Tepee™, constructed in two modules measuring 8 metres by 4 metres. Finished in Slate Grey steelwork and with green waterproof and UV resistant fabric, the final installation delivered on everything that Bowesfield Primary School wanted.

Find out more about the tepee shelter we designed for Bowesfield Primary School by checking out our project page.